Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I be sent my race information and numbers?

A: We will not post race numbers or timing chips. These need to be collected on arrival / at registration for the race. See the competitor race information for details.

You can download all your race information from the web page & we will email you about 7 days before the race with a reminder. Therefore please check that the email address you use to register is correct and is current. Also please check sensitivity of any spam filters on your inbox as sometimes these bulk emails can be filtered off. If you do not receive a “confirmation of registration” email then there may be a problem with your email address which you’ll need to update



Q. How do I find out if my race entry has been received?

A. All race entries are now online so you'll get a confirmation email, detailing the event, terms and payment details. Online start lists for each event are on the website (these are sorted by gender then alphabetically by surname)



Q. Can I enter on the day for a race?

A. No.
All our races have closing dates and we cannot usually accept entries after that date. Many of our Triathlons are full long before the published closing date. If you want to do a race don’t delay in sending in your entry.



Q. Do I need to register the day before the race?

A. Please read the race information before you enter! Some of our races require a Saturday registration as we do not have time to process on race morning. If you can't make it you can send a friend /team mate to represent you! (They'll need to bring your race licence & signed authorisation)



Q. I’ve entered the race but now can’t take part, can I get my money back?


A. No. Please read our withdrawal policy before you part with your money. Race entries are not refundable. 



Q. Can I give/sell my race entry to my friend?

A. Yes. Up until 1 week (7 days) before the race you can substitute your race entry online. Just log back ino your registration by clicking the EDIT link on your confirmation email. You’ll get a confirmation email of all changes made.



Q. Do you accept relay teams?


A. Yes - you'll see a realy team option for the middle & longer distance triathlons when you click the enter link. Shorter triathlons tend to be individual entries only - depending upon demand!



Q. Can I use a mountain bike in a triathlon?

A. if you can go fast enough to meet the stipulated cut-off times on your mountain bike then yes feel free! Many people try out their first event – our shorter duathlon or sprint triathlon on mountain or hybrid bikes.



Q. Will I need a wetsuit?

A. If you are entering a race where the swim is at Ellingham Lake or another middle distance or longer event then the answer is yes. Wetsuits are compulsory for those events due to low water temperature and safety requirements.



Q. Do I wear my race numbers during the swim?

A. Yes you can do especially if you are pinning them to your tri-suit. Our numbers are waterproof and tear-proof. If you are using a number belt then you have a choice as they can get caught under your wetsuit.



Q. Your races are too expensive for me, can I get a discount?

A. Yes you can either by marshalling at another of our races or by getting friends or family to marshal for us. Email us for details!



If you'd like to help at one of our races in return for a free or discounted race please email us at jriles@racenewforest.co.uk

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