RACENEWFOREST is run by Directors Joanne and Richard Iles and Paul Etheridge who between them have over 40 years first hand experience of competing in Triathlon, Duathlon, Cycling, Marathon and running races of all distances and sizes, around the world.
The New Forest 
During  this time we are all lucky enough to have been living and working in the beautiful New Forest in Southern England – an ideal area for cyclists and  runners with quiet roads, miles of cross country trails, and the odd,  surprisingly demanding, little hills!


The Events Philosophy

Our events draw on our experiences of racing all round the world:- races for athletes by athletes. Designed for for athletes who value camararderie and friendliness, whilst doing something challenging surrounded by the lovely scenery of the courses.


Put simply, they are designed to be the kind of events we would like to be taking part in ourselves.


As a very small team we are able to personally take charge of all the logistics from scheduling to putting out and checking all the signage so we know it is as we want it to be! We pledge to give 100% of our effort to ensure each and every race is perfectly "organised": a value reflected in the testimonials we receive.


The courses are routes we personally ride/run regularly and are designed to be challenging and scenic: the New Forest is a beautiful and testing place to race but the roads are often narrow and the courses are all on open roads. Highway regs apply and we have to include the occasional compulsory stop at major junctions / right turns to keep you safe! Our courses tend not to be of "standard" distances....the configuration of the roads limits this. In any case you're unlikely to set a PB on rolling roads where there's every possibility you'll get held up by a herd of ponies (or cows, donkeys, sheep.........or sometimes - if you're really lucky- piglets!!) However, if you value the experience of taking part in well organised (extremely) challenging events in a fantastic environment and view the wildlife as an enhancement rather than an impediment to your pursuit of maximum velocity you're in tune with us.....and the many athletes who come back time and time again to test themselves here in the Forest.


We try to keep our run routes off road and to include as many hills as possible (or so I'm told by competitors!!) As such it's not always possible to have accurate mile markers etc although we try and get a few out even if just to reassure you that you are getting closer to the finish line. But those views!!!!!! 


It's also important to point out that our events at Bucklers Hard.....(possibly the most scenic Transition in the country......if not the world!!) take place in a tidal river. We endeavour to time the races for periods of "slack" water but planning as far ahead as we do it's not a precise science so you do need to be able to swim to a reasonable standard. That said, I've seen many really poor swimmers comfortably inside our cut-off times!!!


In any outdoor sport (particularly one that involves use of public highways) there are occasions (fortunately very infrequent) when things have to be changed last minute to keep you safe or to ensure an event can go on: weather conditions, flooding, road closures etc. You can be sure that when you enter one of our events we'll be giving you 100% to ensure you always get the best day possible under any set of circumstances.....but it needs to be understood there will always be some things that despite our skills, preparation, planning and effort that we can not control!!


One small note on prizes. Our major concern is that every athlete gets the best day out possible whether right at the front or right at the back...no difference. At the front end of the field, however, as competitive athletes ourselves we believe that the prizes we award should be meaningful. Given the relatively small fields in a number of our events this means we will occasionally aggregate a couple of age groups if there is only a handful of competitors entered.


Hopefully that gives a pretty good summary of who we are, what we do and how we try to deliver it:- if it's striking a chord then get signed up........if you're going to put yourself through hell, you might as well do it somewhere nice!!!






To everyone involved, I would just like to say how well organised and friendly everyone was throughout the weekend, considering the extreme weather conditions on race day. A special thanks to all those marshals who were very supportive even though they must have been cold and wet through. This was my first Open water event so I was very nervous on the day, but so glad I completed. I will certainly be signing up for many more events for Race New Forest.
Regards, Stuart B


Hi all, I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks.

 A couple of years ago I did my first, and I thought my last, ironman in Austria. It was a great event, obviously catering for the masses and it was extremely well supported. I had a good time but it lacked any character. Fellow competitors didn’t speak to each other and I found it a pretty boring experience and one not to be repeated.


After being talked into joining a mate yesterday, I am so glad that I took part. The welcome was warm, all the volunteers were fantastic and the camaraderie amongst most of the competitors was great (there are always a few overly competitive people at these events!). I wasn’t in a fit state to say this at the end of the race which is why I wanted to send this. You certainly picked some challenging conditions yesterday – wind, rain, hills and sun, but that’s why we were there. If you want a PB, go to Austria, if you want a friendly, extremely well run event for triathletes by triathletes you go to Sandy Balls.

 Thank you for a very long, but special weekend.

 Andy (number 46 – no I didn’t have any mechanical issues, I really was that slow on the bike!)


"The New Forest course and venue(s) (Ellingham Water Ski Lake and Sandy Balls Holiday Centre)  are, in terms of location and facilities, probably the best in the country  and I feel very fortunate and grateful to you for organising this event for us all to compete in. I can never speak highly enough of this event when speaking to people of my experience and am always keen to promote the race to other triathletes. Hats off to you for all your hard work and effort and long may you prosper for many years to come.

See you next year."


"Well you guys really have excelled yourselves this time. What an amazing event. I would just like to
thank you all and your teams of helpers and volunteers for making Sunday as enjoyable as a race that hard could be!!!!!!! As far as I am aware, as a competitor, you had every base covered, every i dotted and T crossed. I hope you enjoyed your post race drink!! you certainly deserved it. Well done."

"This is just to say a massive thankyou to you guys for putting on such an amazing event yesterday. It was my first step up to a middle distance and i loved nearly every minute of it - the run was pretty brutal but that made it all the more satisfying once i got to the finish!
I really enjoyed the whole vibe of the weekend and the nice family atmosphere you guys created - and of course the weather was a nice touch so well done for sorting that out. I'm still buzzing now and will be seriously considering the Forestman for next year as my first full ironman, so maybe see you again soon!"

Hi Everyone Involved,

I would like to give my sincerest thank you to all involved in the  organisation of this years event.  I would not call myself prolific at  multi event sport, but I have done enough to know that your event is the most  organised, with the best support teams, not forgetting the most important theme  that runs through your event friendliness.

Thanks again for a great event.

Gary Geritz

Iron Distance Triathlete